Plain Talk About Chiropractic



As a chiropractic patient, you will be interested in a brief explanation of the basic principles of chiropractic and its approach to better health. Dr. Elder works directly and indirectly with both the spinal column and the nervous system. Because the latter influences your bodily functions, any disturbance in your spinal balance and in your nervous equilibrium may naturally have far-reaching effects. By means of a thorough chiropractic examination, and spinal x-rays if indicated, Dr. Elder can usually find these problems and recommend the correct treatment. Your body might take a chiropractic treatment very well, and require occasional adjustments for stable progress. Other times adjustments may have to be repeated regularly over a period of time to achieve the desired correction. The relief of these spinal misalignment and nerve irritations can help the body in its efforts to return to normal. Many people, having experienced dramatic, almost instantaneous relief of their symptoms believe that chiropractic can always achieve immediate results. However, this is not the case. Long-standing problems often require extend periods of care. Dr. Elder will use all his professional skills to detect and correct your basic problems. His goal is to help you to regain health, and maintain it through regular chiropractic care.

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