“Must Read” Letter from Valued Patient


Dear Dr. Elder,

Even after more than 20 yrs of chiropractic care, I am so lucky to have you as my back-care specialist.

It is wonderful to see your smiling face each time I have a treatment. You are knowledgeable, encouraging, caring, witty, and truly a rare breed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting my back straightened around. Most medical practitioners just rush you in and out. You take the time to chat. That is because you are a truly caring doctor.

I have not worked downtown in nearly 20 yrs, and so for me, it is not a convenient location, but well worth driving into town for.

I doubt I would be willing to go to anyone else. I have not had the need to.

You can always fit me in if I am having an “episode” within 30 minutes. It takes me that long to hobble to the car and drive down. So, I appreciate that you never say “no”.

Anyhow, your kindness and true quality care do not go unnoticed. I would gladly recommend you to anyone.

You have such pleasant staff too. Many have never experienced a back injury yet. Often, I arrive or leave in tears. They are so compassionate!

Thank you so much for your exemplary care.

D. Albrecht

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