Sciatica may be the result of cumulative traumas, a sharp movement, strenuous lifting, or a jolt from a violent coughing or sneezing fit. The pain is felt in the buttocks, frequently reaching down the leg to the sole of the foot. It may appear gradually or suddenly, and though the pain eventually disappears, future flare-ups are common.

Since 90% of sciatica cases are caused by compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve between the discs in your spine and ligaments due to dislocation, chiropractic treatment is very effective. Dr. Elder can eliminate the cause and the pain and at the same time, safely and naturally, eliminate the need for medication or surgery.


  • Pain in the lower back spreading toward the lower leg
  • Trying to lift a heavy object before the pain occurred
  • Pain in the back or leg while sneezing or coughing
  • Pain in the low back when you turn over in bed
  • Landed on your buttocks while falling recently
  • Pain is most intense when standing and subsides somewhat when lying down
  • Prickling, pins and needles, numbness, or shooting pain in your leg
  • Feel the need to shift weight to the pain-free leg when walking

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