Low Back Pain

Low back pain is frequently caused by slack abdominal muscles, when one or more of the bones in your spine moves out of position, poor posture, pregnancy, bone or joint disease, cancer, arthritis, stress or specific working conditions.

Dr. Elder will treat low back pain by relieving your muscle spasms and improving the nerve supply and blood circulation to the affected area. With a pulled muscle, relief will come quickly but with stretched ligaments, relief will take longer.


  • Low back pain lasting longer than 24 hours
  • Stiffness in the lower back upon waking up
  • Lower back fatigue as the day goes on
  • Pain in the low back when you turn over in bed
  • Discomfort in the low back after sitting for more than an hour
  • Sneezing or coughing causes pain in your low back or legs
  • Stopping sports or activities due to the back pain
  • Assuming a unique position to lift objects to avoid back pain
  • For women, experiencing low back pain during your period
  • For men, having trouble urinating or feeling the need to urinate more often than usual

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