Intercostal Pain

Intercostal pain (nerve pain around the ribs) occurs when the nerves that run along the side of the ribs become inflamed. The pain appears abruptly and can worsen with movement, incorrect posture, breathing, coughing, or even just walking.

Although pain medication may help you cope, this nerve pain is generally due to problems that cannot be treated with medication. Dr. Elder will perform orthopedic and neurological examinations and have X-rays taken in order to diagnose and treat the underlying problem.


  • A tender spot in your chest that comes and goes
  • Struggling for breath while breathing normally
  • Chest pains from taking a deep breath
  • Chest pains from sneezing or coughing
  • Sensitivity in the ribcage
  • Restricted range of motion when turning your torso
  • Pain along one of your ribs accompanied by a skin rash
  • Back pain that crosses around your chest
  • Painful to press the pit of your stomach

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